Science Field Trip with Mrs. Morgan

On Friday, May 3rd Mrs. Morgan’s 7th grade Life Science and 11th grade Biology classes visited Umass Amherst and the Richard Cronin Aquatic Resource Center in Sunderland. Associate Head of School, Anthony Corsello, who was a chaperone on the trip, describes the experience below:

We met some extraordinary people who are adding mussels to our streams and rivers in Massachusetts (mussels filter, on average, eight gallons of water per day), we had lunch with students who are designing the equivalent of micro-organism spaceships capable of seeking out and destroying superbug antibiotic-resistant bacteria that have elaborate shield defenses, and we had a gentleman show us a butterfly wing with an electron microscope that was magnified two hundred and fifty thousand times; it was all so cool. Thank you, Mrs. Morgan and UMass!

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