Springfield Commonwealth Academy Inaugural Commencement

Springfield Commonwealth Academy achieves success against all odds.

In 2011, a massive tornado ripped through the MacDuffie School Campus and completely changed the course of history. Mr. John Foley bought the property and through various philanthropic supports launched the SPRINGFIELD COMMONWEALTH ACADEMY in 2012. The journey through the early days was quite intriguing as the school targeted the inner-city kids, the minorities and those who could not fully pay for Prep School. Beyond the numerous setbacks that tried to stop the traction of this Academy, their first set of intakes are currently achieving great feats both in academics and sports.

Another hurdle which the school faced was the use of the word – Commonwealth in its name. They faced a legal battle from the Boston Commonwealth School which lingered for a few months. The Management, Staff, and Students of the School stood their ground in defining the differences between their Academy and the Boston School. The targets of both schools were different, the geographical location was wide apart, and their operating contexts are not synonymous. This case was finally resolved out of court and the good times continued to roll in for Springfield Commonwealth Academy. The first win was that they were able to retain the use of the word – Commonwealth in their name.

As part of the drive to position the school as a leading force, the focus was given to Sports as a tool to rise to the top. The founder of the School, John Foley, recruited a highly experienced Basketball Coach named Tony Bergeron. The goal was to build a team that will rise to reckon with other Prep Schools. However, the results came with speed as the first set of graduates in the School have already achieved national acclaim. Despite the ESPN ratings that did not place them in the top 100 rankings for schools, they were able to rise against the odds to achieve success. Various Star players in the team are already getting offers to take their College and Sporting interests to the next level.

The founder of the School, John Foley stated that – ‘’Reality never keeps up with my expectation for how things should be. This first graduating class of Springfield Commonwealth Academy is truly the exception. Today, I am persuaded that we have made a good start.’’

The Head of the School, Dr. Marcus L. Ware said ‘’We have prepared these students for college with our straight-forward rigorous curriculum. The students have put countless hours into their academics and athletics. They worked so hard and rose to the bar that we set for them; and, it gives me great honor to confer degrees to them on Saturday, May 27th. Our graduates endured challenges throughout their journey at Springfield Commonwealth Academy both in and outside of the classroom. Yet, their ability to meet some of the life’s greatest adversities with resilience and character shone through, and for this reason, we honor them.’’He further stated that – ‘’Our class of 2017 has 10 graduates, with each of them having acceptance to a major four-year college or university.’’

The school continues to serve as a beacon of hope to those who are financially disadvantaged and may have dropped out of school. The Success rate that has been recorded thus far beats any projection that many naysayers had made.


SCA is a unique college preparatory school that caters for the inner city kids and those who are unable to fund their education. It is located in Springfield and was founded by John Foley in 2012. The School is currently making huge forays in the world of sports and has emerged a national powerhouse in the field of Basketball.


Name: Terrance Smith

Organization’s Name: Springfield Commonwealth Academy

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