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Springfield Commonwealth Academy welcomes students from all over the world and we are excited that you are considering our school for your education. SCA embraces international students and encourages the diversity of thought, experience, and voice that you bring to our school. With over one-third of our student body representing 15+ countries, SCA provides students with a diverse community, filled of rich cultures, traditions, and indispensable experiences. 


International Students

Improve your written and oral English skills

Immerse yourself in an American way of life

Create friendships that will last a lifetime

Academic Support

TOEFL registration and guidance

SAT / ACT registration and assistance

Test day transportation 


U.S. Entry Process

I-20 form

Visa assistance

Immigration paperwork

Enrollment process

Travel arrangements


Student Support

The international student experience at SCA begins with our commitment to an intellectually diverse and balanced representation of cultures, learners, and passions, and continues by transforming the personal experience through inclusive and empowering programs. Our community is home to motivated students from around the world – some come to strengthen their English skills while others, already proficient and fluent in English, come for an academically challenging and supportive environment without standardization.

Our International Student Advisor is with you every step of the way, helping you make a smooth transition into the SCA. The advisor provides assistance with academics, immigration, student visas, travel arrangements, and more.


Health Insurance

Insurance plan assistance

Enrollment, fees and benefits overview


*All international students are required to have full coverage medical insurance within U.S.

Travel Arrangements

Travel coordination and planning

Airport pick-up and drop-off 

Arranged stays with local students

College Counseling

Internship opportunities

College visits

College application guidance


ESL Courses

Placement test to determine level

English language literacy development 

Intermediate / Advanced courses

*Course placement is based on student fluency and test results

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