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Residential Life

Springfield Commonwealth's 19-acre campus provides students with a sense of community through a true college-like housing experience. At SCA, students live among friends and classmates from across the country and around the world while being supported by caring and involved faculty members. 

Residential life is a key part to students' experiences away from home. Living at SCA provides opportunities intended to foster personal development and independence, to explore new interests, and to establish lifelong friendships. 


Total Boarding Students

Boarding Days Per Week


Dorm Parents per House


Average Students per Room

Providing a home away from home through shared experiences

Caswell House on Springfield Commonwealth's campus

Caswell House 

24 Students (1925)

Castle House on Springfield Commonwealth's campus

Castle House

20 Students (1920)

Arts Annex housing on Springfield Commonwealth's campus

Arts Annex

25 Students (1920)

Ray House on Springfield Commonwealth's campus

Ray House

22 Students (1920)

Campus Dining

A true sense of community abounds in the dining hall as it contributes to the quality of life across the campus, fostering relationships over shared meals. The food service program is designed to provide high quality, nutritional meals that appeal to the varying tastes of the whole school population. 

Springfield Commonwealth Academy's South Hall is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday through Friday, and open for brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Meals are prepared daily and students have unlimited access to the dining hall during its open hours. SCA accommodates all food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Dining services at South Hall at Springfield Commonwealth

South Hall

Dining Hall (1905)

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