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College Counseling

Springfield Commonwealth Academy's college counselors guide students and families through every step of the college admission process, from evaluating schools to submitting successful applications and even considering career paths. SCA helps students make informed decisions about academics and activities as well as empowers students to take ownership of their individual career and college goals. By starting this process early, SCA helps students feel calm and confident about achieving their goals and maximizing their success. 

The goal of College Counseling is to provide each student with a highly individualized college search process that leads to finding the right school.

SCA is the Official Test Center for the College Board®

As an Official Test Center for the College Board®, Springfield Commonwealth Academy serves thousands of students in the local area while providing SCA students with exclusive benefits. 


Springfield Commonwealth Academy currently hosts the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)and the Advanced Placement (AP) exams. 

*For students interested in taking the American College Testing (ACT) exam, students will have to register to take the test at different nearby locations. Advisors and Counselors can assist with registration as well as help students prepare for the test.

SCA Test Center Code #22156

To stay informed about SCA's test center's status and where to take the ACT exam:

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At Springfield Commonwealth Academy, students can:

  • Take the PSAT

  • Take the SAT up to 7 times each year

  • Take AP exams in May on campus

  • Register early for SAT or AP exams



Grade 09

  • Get acclimated to and comfortable in new setting and environment

  • Develop foundation for academic and extracurricular success

  • Establish academic profile through course selection and performance

  • Learn admission process, testing and future dates

  • Build a four-year plan with counselor, including programs / activities

  • Develop good study skills and academic habits

  • Build strong relationships with faculty and students

Prospective Student Athlete / Grade 09

  • Begin planning process

  • Find list of NCAA-approved core courses

  • Confirm NCAA compliance with counselor

  • Sign up for a free Profile Page account on NCAA

  • Review NCAA information and requirements

Grade 10

  • Review four-year plan with counselor

  • Remain engaged in academic and extracurricular activities

  • Discuss important factors in admission process with counselor

  • Review college entrance requirements

  • Prepare for college admissions process

  • Select courses and classes for 11th grade

  • Plan, or begin to visit colleges and universities

Prospective Student Athlete / Grade 10

  • Review NCAA compliance with counselor

  • Register for a Profile Page account or Certification account with the NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Monitor Eligibility Center account

  • Upload Grade 10 transcript to account

Grade 11

  • Develop college exploratory list with counselor

  • Take Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT)

  • Request teacher recommendations for application

September - December

  • Continue to meet with college counselor

  • Set up college visits for March break

  • Register for spring SAT / ACT dates

  • Prepare for spring SAT / ACT tests

January - February

Prospective Student Athlete / Grade 11

  • Confirm student is on track to complete required number of NCAA-approved core course

  • Confirm student is scheduled to graduate on time

  • Take the SAT and / or ACT exams

  • Submit test scores to NCAA Eligibility Center

  • (Use code 9999)

  • Confirm sports participation information is correct in account

  • Upload Grade 11 transcript to account

  • Put together highlights and video footage

  • Continue to complete account

  • Take American College Test (ACT)

  • Visit colleges over March break


  • Take Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)

  • Take Advanced Placement Exams (AP) if applicable

  • Plan college visits for summer

  • Start to brainstorm and draft college essay(s)


  • Visit colleges over summer vacation

  • Register for fall SAT / ACT dates

June - August

Grade 12


  • Take SAT and / or ACT exams

  • Finalize college application list

  • Complete the Common Application 

  • Start compiling supporting documents for application


  • Follow up with teachers about recommendations

  • Begin Financial Aid Forms and the FAFSA

  • Submit final college list

  • Organize applications for January / February deadlines

January - March

Prospective Student Athlete / Grade 12

  • Complete final NCAA-approved core courses

  • Prepare for graduation

  • Take the SAT / ACT again, if necessary

  • Request final amateurism certification* beginning April 1 (Fall Enrollees) or October 1 (Winter / Spring Enrollees) in student Eligibility Center account

  • Upload Grade 12 final official transcript to account

  • Upload proof of gradation to account

*Only students on an NCAA Division I or Division II school's institutional request list will receive a certification

  • Submit applications by January / February deadlines

  • Continue to complete FAFSA

  • Visit colleges during school breaks and / or holidays

  • Research potential scholarship opportunities

April - May

  • Finalize college decision and plans

  • Finalize Federal Aid Forms and FAFSA

  • Notify SCA of final decisions from all colleges

  • Submit college deposit by May 1


  • SCA sends final transcripts to the college student plans to attend

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student interests and aspirations to higher education courses


expertise and accessible resources to make admission process run smoothly


student make good educational choices and tough decisions

College Resources

Helpful Resources for the College Planning Process

General Information

Colleges that do not require standardized test scores​

Standardized tests, college searches, CSS Profile

Interactive campus maps and virtual tours

Education, test prep, and career planning search

Financial Aid

Required for students applying for financial assistance

Comprehensive scholarship database

Required by some colleges / universities 

Comprehensive scholarship database

Estimated Family Contributor calculator

Test Preparation

SAT resources, assessments, research, test help

ACT resources, assessments, research, test help

Online Application

Online application to download Common App affiliates 

Used by a small number of colleges / universities

Athletic Information

Information for prospective student athletes

Recruiting dates, terms, related FAQs

Guide for college-bound student athlete

College Resources
Matriculation List
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