A Message From Our Athletic Director

Darron Jones

Welcome and thank you for your interest in SCA Athletics!


Springfield Commonwealth Academy values the important role that athletics play in contributing to college preparatory education and it is an intricate part of our mission to maximize the potential of bright students who learn differently through sports. 

We welcome all students who participate in any of our sports programs. Sports are an excellent way to grow emotionally as an individual. As a former high school athlete, I know that athletics played a major role in helping prepare me for college and the adult world. Because of sports, the lessons of my coaches, and the games I played, I developed skills in time management, problem solving, delegating, motivation, and team building. 

Springfield Commonwealth Academy Athletic Department's philosophy is that the student athlete's pursuits on the field should be equally measured with those off of it. To that end, a SCA athlete should pursue personal growth through academic work, team experiences, and as an ambassador of our school. 

The department strives to maintain an outstanding athletics program, conducted in a manner that sets an example for good sportsmanship. Our primary concern is the education of the student-athlete. We expect all who choose to participate in our sports programs to be responsible student-athletes. We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity to get a top-notch education while participating in our athletic programs. Towards these ends, SCA offers 10 Varsity Teams and three seasons of co-curricular sports (Fall, Winter, Spring). Through focused upon more than athletic achievement, SCA athletes strive to compete successfully at the State, Regional and District levels. 


Darron Jones Jr.

Athletic Director

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