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Student Life

Activities and Clubs

Springfield Commonwealth Academy offers a variety of clubs and organizations to supplement daily academic and athletics programs and weekend activities. At SCA, students have countless opportunities to explore interests outside of the classroom and socialize with peers. Students are also welcome to start new clubs if they have a particular interest that is not being offered. With a wide range of activities, clubs, and organizations to join, every student can find a way to get involved on-campus.

A young woman talking on the radio
Making a Necklace

List of Offerings

Visual and Performing Arts

Dance Club

Theatre Production

Drama Club

Writing and Media

Media Club

SCA Blog

Yearbook Club

STEM and Engineering

Math Club

Gaming and ESports

Chess and Strategy 

Health and Wellness

Yoga Club

Strength and Conditioning

Cooking and Nutrition

Student Leadership

Student Council

Community Service

Academic Enrichment

Test Prep

Peer-to-Peer Tutoring

Paint Brushes

Explore opportunities

Discover new interests

Develop leadership skills

Gain perspective

Expand knowledge

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