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At Springfield Commonwealth Academy, we develop modern education skills and a broad-based curriculum focusing on real-world application. We want our students to become successful in and passionate about their academic endeavors, so that they can head to college with equal measures of curiosity, character, and confidence. 

All students at SCA are expected to pursue a program of study appropriate to their abilities, skills, and interests that will prepare them for further study after graduation and beyond. Through a flexible curriculum and balanced program of study, our advisors are able to guide students in the appropriate directions that best fit their individual interests, ambitions, and passions. 

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Springfield student conducting a science experiment

Developing modern education skills by focusing on real-world application

Academic Curriculum

SCA's academic curriculum is designed to provide a wide range of intellectual opportunities that allow our students to delve deeply into areas of particular interests. 

With foundational courses, honors classes, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and independent study, students can choose from a wide selection of traditional and innovative courses. We offer a rigorous academic curriculum taught by passionate, diverse and expert teachers.

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Springfield student in science class

Our Approach

Springfield focuses on taking a student-centered approach to education by balancing academic and social-emotional development.  

Our academic curriculum challenges and stimulates students with a range of abilities by creating a nurturing and supportive educational environment for students to learn. 

By developing innovative courses and providing students with enrichment opportunities and accessible resources, Springfield's curriculum prepare students for the rigors and rewards of college, community, and life.  

Teaching a lecture at Springfield Commonwealth

Springfield's academic program aims to inspire students to reach their full potential and to become the best learners they can possibly be.  Our mission is to provide students with the opportunity to develop self-confidence as learners and to achieve a greater degree of independence and maturity in thinking, making decisions, and taking actions.


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