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The oldest buildings at SCA were first constructed in the late 1700's although our campus has been operating as a boarding school since its founding as a school for young women in 1890.  We currently provide 7th through 12th grade education as well as a specially tailored course of study for post-graduates. Located in historic Springfield, MA, The campus covers an area of 19.7 acres which includes a school building, indoor athletic center, library, and dining hall. 

SCA is a member of the New England Schools and Colleges Association (NEASC) and is accredited by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). In addition, SCA is a member of the National Association of Distinguished Young Scholars (NJHS) and the New England Sports Preparatory School Board (NEPSAC). The campus is ideally located, overlooking the American Basketball Hall of Fame on the edge of Downtown. 

Although still within the heart of the city, our campus is also at the top of Ames Hill, which affords our students privacy while granting them access. It is also worth mentioning that there are 100 colleges and universities within a 100 mile radius, including Harvard University, MIT, Yale University and Williams College. SCA has established relationships with many nearby institutions of higher learning to help match SCA students with colleges and Universities

SCA currently offers courses from the 7th grade to the 12th grade as well as a course of study for post-graduates. Our small class sizes at SCA (under 16 students) ensure that we are able to teach the individual student while meeting their specific needs. In addition to a full range of clubs, sports, and weekend activities, we also offer AP courses in science mathematics and English. SCA is also a testing site for the SAT, so SCA students can take the exam right on campus. We are a comprehensive school that cares for talented, intelligent, driven young people from all over the world. Every SCA student is a future leader.

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Our current Head of School, Mr. Hopkins, was born in Massachusetts and holds a Master of Arts in English Literature from Mingde College. He has taught for more than 31 years and has served in five different schools including The Hill School, one of the top ten boarding schools in the United States, and the Canterbury school, and recently served at Maine Central Institute where Mr. Hopkins had been working for 11 years. He has devoted his life to the research of the education industry. He has unique insights into the advancement and transformation of the education industry. 

High-quality schools are inseparable from excellent teachers. In addition to the core curriculum development and teaching team at the core of Christopher J. Hopkins, SCA deeply integrates quality education resources in Massachusetts and establishes honorary courses with 25 top universities to build and develop. The teaching system allows students to reach the highest quality education and teaching resources in the United States without leaving school. At the same time, SCA combines itself to cultivate the training goals of future world leaders, and has established academic research committees around the world to deeply integrate global quality education resources so that students can truly be on campus and globally.

In addition to the most basic educational teaching qualification requirements, this school's faculty team encourages teachers and teaching managers to self-improve. The existing AP teachers in the school are College Board certified teachers. Sports coaches are registered coach in the New England area.

The school attaches great importance to the growth and future development of teachers. In addition to the regular academic training and the improvement of education and teaching skills, the teachers will regularly organize teaching seminars with local well-known colleges and universities, as well as excellent teachers and teaching staff. Sexual participation in global education and teaching seminars provides a guarantee for inspiring students' international vision. 

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SCA is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) - certified New England Schools and Colleges Association (NEASC), a member of the National Association of Distinguished Young Scholars (NJHS) and a member of the New England Sports Preparatory Schools Council (NEPSAC)









Telephone: 413-237-4427 |  Fax: 413-363- 2874  | 1 Ames Hill Drive, Springfield, MA 01105 info@springfieldca.org


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