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EEI Academy

Enlighten Elite institute (short for EEI) is based on the "whole person education" philosophy. Taking the talent training requirements of world's top universities as the benchmark, EEI provides one-to-one tutor guidance to help students become truly knowledgeable, truly moral, truly spirited and truly healthy whole persons while entering their dream schools.



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EEI Home School

EEI has set up high-quality home schools targeting elite families in Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan, providing comprehensive custody services from physical and mental to academic in luxury villas. EEI customizes one-to-one courses for each student to help them achieve diversified development in academics, morality, responsibility and expertise. EEI matches exclusive "tutors" for students. The tutors are master's and doctoral graduates from the world's top 100 universities, senior executives from well-known enterprises with overseas study and work experience. They assist students in gaining an in-depth understanding of the development of the real world and the future world and preparing to join the top competitive ranks.


拾心在中国上海和日本东京开设高品质的面向精英家庭的“home school”,在高档别墅内提供从身心到学术的全面监护服务。拾心为每位学生定制一对一的课程,帮助学生在学术、道德、责任和特长等多个方面实现多元化发展。拾心为学生匹配专属的“导师”,导师均为世界前100所高校毕业的硕士和博士,以及知名企业的中高层以上从业人员,具有海外留学和工作经验。他们辅助学生形成对现实与未来世界发展的深入理解,做好加入顶尖竞争行列的准备。


EEI's personalized companion education model is introduced into SCA. EEI Academy is established to ensure that students gain a safe, healthy and diversified learning experience during their studies in the United States through tutor guided running and butler services within the campus of SCA.


将“拾心学塾"的个性化陪伴式教育模式引入SCA,成立拾心精英学院(EEI Academy),在SCA的校园内通过导师陪跑及管家式服务,确保学生在美国学习的过程中获得安全、健康和多元的学习体验。

Debbie Dai

Head of EEI Academy


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